Journey screen
Temperature screen

Satellite tracking is now available on our rental fleet

During your hire, you may wish to find out:

  • Where the vehicle is now - is a customer waiting for a delivery?
  • Where it has been today - check the route taken
  • Start & end times for timesheets or mandatory breaks
  • The load temperature now or print a graph for a whole day
  • The activity on any previous date

Pay for online access and get:

  • Unique login & password to view only ‘your’ vehicle(s)
  • Telephone support by Acrobat 9am-5pm
  • Alarm messages by SMS or email for temperature failure, Congestion Zone and other ‘geofences’
  • Unlimited number of reports and graphs self-generated or
  • Up to 4 free reports per month printed by us in colour (or emailed as pdf)

All vehicles record:

  • Side & rear door openings
  • Temperature readings for:
    • Front of load area
    • Rear of load area
    • Air return (evaporator)
    • Ambient (roof/condenser)

The ‘Optional Tracking Charges’ listed below are in addition to vehicle rental charges

Satellite tracking technology is provided by Seven Eye

Optional Tracking Extra Charges (ex VAT)

Online Access 1-7 DAYS
(7 days min)
(7 days min)
Online Access 1-12 WEEKS
Online Access 12 WEEKS OR MORE
Report package for offline users £12/day -