Temporary freezer for children's TV

Millie Rice inside the Acrobat freezer van


Acrobat owner Adrian Rice was recently asked to provide a vehicle to help with the filming of Channel 5's Royal Institute Christmas Lectures to be broadcast on Boxing Day. A freezer van was required to simulate arctic conditions. A thermal camera then displayed the different heat loss of a person dressed in a survival suit compared to someone else in swimming trunks!

Adrian's 11 year old daughter Millie was filmed wearing a down suit used by the Xtreme Everest team during their research work at the top of Mount Everest. The boots are designed for use at -85C and have been worn at the North Pole.

Well done to the other volunteer Mac Mackenney for enduring the bitter cold in his trunks! He even had fans blasting at him to illustrate the windchill factor.

Royal Institute Christmas Lectures, "Grilled and Chilled"

Channel 5, Boxing Day 7:15pm